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Available on April 5th

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The price of the player card will change according to the market's real-time price.
After the player is bought, please go to Member Center-Orders-Player Withdraw History to check.
Please don't buy the same player before we finished transferring it, or we'll fail to send you the player.
Name Rating Position Version Prezzo
   Ronaldo 90 ST icon 451.29 EUR
   Zinedine Zidane 91 CM icon 422.62 EUR
   Cristiano Ronaldo 91 otw 422.46 EUR
   Lothar Matthäus 91 CDM icon 390.92 EUR
   Diego Maradona 95 CAM icon 360.73 EUR
   Paolo Maldini 92 CB icon 347.15 EUR
   Samuel Eto'o 90 ST icon 330.24 EUR
   Patrick Vieira 86 CM icon 313.94 EUR
   Diego Maradona 91 CAM icon 302.62 EUR
   Lionel Messi 93 RW otw 298.55 EUR
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