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2020-05-29 07:45

Greeting everyone!

The event of Phase II GIVEAWAY FOR THE TOTSSF is over. As usual, check the correct rate of the quizzes first.

Q1, Which of the following players is known as Anfield legend?


AKenny Dalglish (91.5% Correct)

Andrew Robertson

Kenny Dalglish

Leigh Griffiths

Robert Snodgrass

Q2, In Premier League TOTSSF, which player rating is correct?

ALB: Andrew Robertson (94) (85.8% Correct)

GK: Alisson (96)

LB: Andrew Robertson (94)

ST: Jamie Vardy (93)

RW: Mohamed Salah (95)

In total, 73.2% of friends who have answered 2 quizzes correctly! If you want to play other types of quizzes, welcome to give suggestions to us!

Q&A, Which player from TOTS LaLiga Santander are you most looking forward to playing with on FUT 20?

Messi (50.2% chose)

Suarez(8.7% chose)

Varane(8.7% chose)


And FIFACOIN increased the Q&A to add the enjoyment, we can see that Messi has a high popularity degree from the choice of percentage, more than 50%.

The 9 winners are randomly chosen by the third party Gleam according to their entries as long as the event end, and we will check if the participation of the winners is effective, such as whether or not you really follow FIFACOIN socials. Now let’s check the prizes and winners!

650k coins X 1 winner  (72$)

400k coins X 2 winners (45$)

375k coins X 2 winners (42$)

200k coins X 4 winners (23$)

Congratulations to the above 9 Winners! Please go 24/7 live-chat for customer service to claim corresponding prizes in 1 month! The step of using the voucher,

"FUT 20 Coins" - “Choose Corresponding Coins ” - “BUY NOW” - “Voucher” - “Submit” - "CHECK OUT".

TOTSSF is not over yet, FIFACOIN will make the final sprint to help you accomplish all desires! Follow FIFACOIN and take part in Phase III in the first time!

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