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FIFA 21: Focus midfielder with amazing Shot Power drops in SBC

2021-08-19 07:17

FIFA 22 is directly into the great beyond, however that isn't preventing FIFA 21 from dropping increasingly more fan-most loved FUTTIES content! The most recent SBC has shown up, and you have a restricted window to catch this superb FUTTIES Thiago Mendes for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.


FIFA 21 FUTTIES SBC: Thiago Mendes Start and Expiry Date

With misleadingly incredible details in the spaces where it matters most, you will lament passing up this FUTTIES Thiago Mendes in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Start Date: Wednesday, 18 August at 6 pm BST

Expiry Date: Wednesday, 25 August at 6 pm BST


FUTTIES Thiago Mendes Player Review

At simply a 95 OVR rating, Mendes probably won't appear to be advantageous while thinking about a portion of the 98 and 99 OVR behemoths coming out of late. Nonetheless, with only a couple of sensible crews required, Thiago Mendes is a flat-out take once you understand a portion of the evaluations he has. With just three evaluations under 80, his simple 70s levels in Volleys, Penalties, and Heading Accuracy, FUTTIES Thiago Mendes is without any glaring shortcomings. In addition, he has an ideal 99 rating in Ball Control, Shot Power, Interceptions, Short Passing, Stamina, and Aggression. Simply behind that, he has a 98 in Long Passing, 97s in Reactions and Composure, and 95s in Long Shots, Agility, Balance, and Dribbling.

With all the other things during the 80s and 90s, you don't want to pass up getting this brilliant focus midfielder on your crew.


Instructions to Unlock - Mendes SBC Requirements

To catch FUTTIES Thiago Mendes for your Ultimate Team, you'll need to take out every one of the three of these difficulties in FIFA 21 preceding opening him.

The prerequisites are as per the following:

Olympique Lyonnais Challenge

Least 1 player from Olympique Lyonnais

Least Team Rating of 80

Least Team Chemistry of 70

Award: One Mixed Players Pack

Ligue 1 Challenge

Least 1 player from Ligue 1 Conforama

Least Team Rating of 82

Least Team Chemistry of 65

Award: One Premium Electrum Players Pack

Excellent condition Challenge

At least 1 player from TOTW (Team of the Week) or TOTS (Team of the Season)

Least Team Rating of 84

Least Team Chemistry of 60

Award: One Gold Players Pack

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