Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

Farming Service is a special product, which does not rule out any problems, such as to be banned, coins wiped out, club deleted… So please read the disclaimer in detail before using the service.

1.With so many tests and verification by our professional staff, we have a lot of experience in hosting fifa coins. Farming Service does not exceed any restrictions set by EA. We use the latest technology to prevent your account from being banned, but if it is your personal reason (multi-account, coins sale or purchase) resulting in the title, we are not responsible to take the consequences.

Farming Service does not preclude the possibility of software defects due to various reasons, if the operation of the Farming Service cause any adverse consequences, Farming Service does not bear any responsibilities.

2.The team of the Farming Service is committed to creating the most intelligent, efficient, and the most safer service, to achieve an automatic production of coins. If some features are considered as the impact of balance by the player or game company, Farming Service team has the rights to update or delete it legally.

3.Due to a variety of uncontrollable factors, leading to the fact that Farming Service can not hang up or the team can not operate this software, we do not assume any responsibilities.

4.Because of the specificity of the Farming Service, the team has the task of repairing the flaws or adding functions of the software according to the fifa game updating, but we can not promise the specific maintenance schedule due to some uncontrollable difficulties.

5.When you use this series of Farming Service product, you have the obligation to consult the tutorial or communicate with the players to learn how to use it, Farming Service team only own the responsibility to fix Bugs and do some function developments according to customers’ needs, do not provide any additional services.

6.If you think a part of the contents of the Farming Service are suspected of infringement, we will be the first to give you a reply, and according to the actual situation to be changed or deleted.

7.This note will be included in all published versions and can not be removed or modified, and the Software is strictly forbid for any form of commercial use.

8.When using Farming Service, the account password is the only certificate for using it, the security mailbox is your only way to retrieve Farming Service account password, please keep your security mailbox safe. And if you lost the password and can not determine your identity, Farming Service team will not take the consequences.

9.Farming Service team has the right to change the terms of this disclaimer when necessary, users should check it periodically or aperiodically. If you continue to use Farming Service, you are considered consenting to the content.

10.The Farming Service is provided as a public service, and only for the users over 18 years old. The individual under the age of 18 can not use the service, we are not responsible to take any consequences for anything.

11.The copyright of Farming Service is own by Farming Service team, everything about the software and the disclaimer, Farming Service team reserved the right of final interpretation.

Note: Please move all your players out of your transaction list, otherwise we will not take any consequences for your losing players.

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