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Scrivi una recensione Icon Ronaldinho (91) 2/3

2018-03-01 02:30

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Here is the second part of the reviews about Icon Ronaldo. So, I bought this second version for around 2.500,000 coins for him (that’s a lot) so, of course, I have been expecting very much from him. Though, I am going to be as neutral as possible in this review. I scored 22 goals, made 25 assists in 48 games.


91 PAC (9/10): He outpaces almost every defender (including Kyle Walker), that is obviously a big improvement from the previous version (80 -> 91), because he also has a great strength, agility etc.


86 SHO (8/10): No difference from the previous version, even in the finishing, he is still missing good goal scoring opportunities, even with 88 at finishing and the clinical finisher trait. His long shots (87) and shot power (84) are still very good.


88 PAS (9/10): Little improvement but still disappointing towards his passing. His vision (90) felt better, same for his long passes (82), they were more precise than the 89 Ronaldinho’s version. His free kicks (89) were perfect, like the previous version. I believe I have scored around 8 freekicks with him.


92 DRI (9.5/10): Felt a lot more agile (92) than the previous version. I have been able to enjoy fully his 5* skill moves, thanks to his ball control (92) and dribbling (93). Though his composure was disappointing, obviously, because in front of the goalkeeper, he misses a lot of chances.


36 DEF (N/N): Doesn’t need to be spoken about because he is an attacking midfielder.


79 PHY (8/10): It has improved, but it is still not very good, 81 strength didn’t feel as much as displayed, he wasn’t able to fight shoulder to shoulder against defenders that are strong. Though, I felt a good improvement regarding his stamina, he was able to finish the games pretty easily unlike his previous version.


To sum up, I can say that there were a lot of improvements in this version, but he didn’t feel as good as his card can look like. Though, he is among the best dribblers of the game by far.

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