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First League SBC’s Announced!

2017-09-29 04:44

With the launch of the FUT 18 Web App and game itself (through EA Access), the new SBC’s that come with the game cycle have been released.

One set of returning SBC’s that have been highly anticipated are the League SBC’s. This unique set of challenges has the player submit a squad with players exclusively from one team in the league to earn packs and/or coins. When the set is finished, with all squads being submitted, the player is rewarded with a special SBC version of a player from that league. During FIFA 17, this special player would typically be the top scorer from the previous season and receive improvements comparable to a second inform card.

This year however, it seems as though EA are changing the formula and using other metrics alongside the top scorer to determine which player receives the SBC card. Thanks to an image released of the game, it is apparent that Ricardo Quaresma will be the reward for completing the Süper Lig League SBC. He was the top assister in the league rather than top scorer, which alludes to different players being released from the other leagues. Players like De Bruyne (Premier League), Suarez (La Liga), or Callejon (Serie A) could be released rather than the leagues respective top scorer.

With the change in mind, EA still haven’t completely put the weight on top assisters this year, as Gignac received the SBC card for the Mexican League. A fair assumption can be that the players will be a mix between top scorers, performers, assisters etc. rather than limiting it to one metric. The plethora of SBC striker cards from the leagues became increasingly annoying last year as they all filled the same role, and it seems EA are trying to rectify their mistake.

Although the SBC’s are available today, it would be advised to wait before completing them. As they are timeless, their value will only decrease as the game goes on. The only concern is the ability to enjoy these cards to their full potential before they become obsolete. It becomes a long and drawn out wait before the player can be a reasonable value for the amount of FIFA points you would require to get them. In spite of this, the easiest and most efficient way to get a SBC’s player early would be to purchase coins. Opening packs for the players needed can become a gamble and often lead to spending much more money than should be needed. By purchasing the coins directly, fans can easily buy the required players from the transfer market and receive the SBC card for a much more reasonable price. FIFACOIN.COM is the best website in the market to provide safe and reliable coins for an affordable price that lets build out their squads, open packs, or complete SBC’s. They currently offer a pre-sale for FIFA 18 coins which even further reduces the price.

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