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FIFA 18 Market Advice

2017-09-29 04:41

Today marks the unofficial release of FIFA 18 for players with the Ronaldo and Icon editions of the game. Thousands of new people are accessing the market and opening packs. Amidst all this, there is a excellent opportunity to make a lot of coins at the beginning of the game to really flesh out your Ultimate Team.

To start off, the best way to analyze the FUT Marketplace is to see what is happening currently pertaining to the game. This holds true for any major event in FIFA (i.e POTM)  , and allows those who can see the bigger picture to capitalize. With the launch of the game, many players are loading up FIFA points and opening packs to build their teams. The market is very active and volatile, as nobody knows what prices players should realistically be going for. The best advice at this time is to bid during the day for players, and sell them at night. A player like Keita for example usually goes for 4500 coins on bid, and can be sold for almost 5800 at night. Like Keita, there are hundreds of players that can fluctuate, and by finding one that is relatively quiet can yield lots of profit.

As was mentioned before, this is still the unofficial launch of the game. Many players are waiting out for the full release of the game which will cause an even bigger surge of cards and buyers to the marketplace. From past trends, it would seem that prices will continue to rise until the official launch, where there will be a dip due at the first big promotion this Friday for the OTW cards. After that, a rebound can be expected with the weekend league approaching as players will want to start buying more higher caliber players to qualify and compete.

General trends aren’t the only way to make money however, as one big event that may have been a little ignored with all the hype recently is the POTM for August. Sadio Mane of Liverpool has already won the reward and his card will also be coming out in the coming week. Based on the requirements for many players last year, the best investments that can be made are:
- Liverpool Players (approximately 81 Rated) - Look out for players like Lovern, Karius, Henderson, Matip, and Milner
- Senegal Players - Usually EA don’t require full squads from obscure nations, but a few players could be required.
- Full EPL Squad - This is a common one, but also can be quite hard to complete in the early days with a relatively high rating and lack of low-cost players to use. Nonetheless we are talking about a 86 Mane, so the price won’t be cheap at all. Look for players like 82 Mesa, Cahill and Schneiderlin
- Other Options - The teams that Mane scored against (Palace, Watford, and Arsenal) and the teams he’s played for (Southampton, Salzburg, and FC Metz)
Keep in mind to do your own research and sell on hype. Some investments can rise based on speculation alone and if you cash out at the right time, will be risk free. Argentine players for example (IF Perez) can be perfect right now with the prospect of Aguero winning the POTM award. Even if they aren’t required, the players will surely rise on hype alone, and selling can still earn you profit. Even then, make sure you aren’t following advice blindly. Take whatever anybody says with a grain of salt, as by the time you find out others could have already increased the price to the point where the risk is too great. Investing becomes much easier with capital as well, as you need to spend money to make money. The profit margins are much greater when you aren’t bound by players that are only worth 1-2k. FIFACOIN is the best website in the market to provide safe and reliable coins for an affordable price. They currently offer a pre-sale for FIFA 18 coins which even further reduces the price. If used correctly, even 100k can help set you up for the rest of FIFA.

For more news on FIFA 18 and FIFA Ultimate Team, continue to check out FIFACOIN.COM

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